The building is a place with a moving history. The former film theatre in Berlin, Charlottenburg was built in 1921/1922. Here, the world’s first audio film was released in 1922. In the course of its history, the building underwent various renovations and functions. The building was partially destroyed by aerial bombs during WWII. In 1949 film screenings were initially resumed. Shortly thereafter it was transformed into a hotel with a dance hall in the former film theatre. Later on, it was used as a training center for gastronomy and hotel businesses.


In 2020, the property was completely rebuilt and brought back to life with a six-story annex as an office building and the retail spaces on the ground floor. Although the building is not a protected monument, the facade of the original building (first floor to the third floor) was reconstructed in its historical form from 1921/22 at the request of the current owner. The owner of the building is the real estate company WERTCONCEPT Investment Group, which specializes in transforming residential and commercial real estate into timeless assets at the intersection of living, office, and retail spaces.