The newly released third furniture collection by Australian designer and creative Sarah Ellison is ‘SOL’, a series of sculptural statement pieces with unexpected curving forms.

The aesthetically appealing collection is a visual reference to the personification of the sun in Roman mythology, and was inspired by Ellison’s desire to create pieces with a sense of warmth, playfulness, and permanence. Her approach to materiality, form, and proportion is evident in each piece. “I wanted to create a dramatic narrative by combining exaggerated and sculptural forms in sensual and textural materials,” she explains. “They are bold statement pieces, a sum of parts, yet when placed together create a gallery-like collection that embodies my warm and minimalist aesthetic.”

‘SOL’ follows an earthy color palette with textured materials, and includes oyster linen sofas, caramel-colored velvet armchairs, glass and oak wood coffee tables, and ceramic vases and lamps. Inspired by interior designer Jean Royère ‘undulation’ motif, the ‘Royère’ lamp is both playful and classic with its wiggly arms. The substantial and rounded proportions of key pieces, like the ‘Huggy Occasional Chair’ and the ‘Muse Modular Lounge’, play into Ellison’s affection for the interior schemes of the 1970s; while her use of limestone, glass, and textural upholstery combine to emit a truly sensory experience. “Globally, the world feels fragile right now,” laments the designer. “The pieces within ‘SOL’ have a grounding quality, monolithic even. Like the sun’s consistency in our lives, this collection is designed with permanence in mind. I want the owners of these products to feel a sense of calm, warmth, and safety.”